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 10 Sep 2019 04:24
Wujiang City Shen Ling Medical Device Co., Ltd. (We have another company, Named: Wujiang City Cloud & Dragon Medical Device Co.,Ltd.) is located in Beishe town, Wujiang City, very close to Shanghai, only 1.5 hours’ drive from Shanghai to our company.
We are the largest professional acupuncture needle and Tattoo needle manufacturer in China, which specialized in production of acupuncture needles and tattoo needles for single use. About 15 years ago we had got FDA registration, CE certification, ISO,TGA registration.
Our company are established in 1992, as production history over tens of years. We have above 300 employees, and factory acreage above 30000 Square meters, We produce acupuncture needle 1,000,000pcs each day and tattoo needles 100,000pcs each day. Our sales amount total above 6 million U.S. Dollars annually.
Welcome to visit our factor, we can accept all kinds of orders of your OEM packs and designs! We are making OEM packs for the most famous brands all of the world market for above 15 years!
Traditional Tattoo Needles
We are the top grade quality manufacturer in the China market, we have standard quality and premium precision quality needles for choose, We also make Disposable Plastic Grips, Tips, and we also distribute Tattoo machines and other Tattoo supplies.
Cartridge Tattoo Needles
Make easy Tattooing...
Tattoo cartridge needles are the revolutionary needles created after the traditional premade tattoo needles. The Cheyenne Hawk cartridge needles is the revolutionary leader of this kind of needles. Set up needle cartridges is usually faster and easier than setting up a traditional needle, so we also call them “easy tattoo cartridges”.
We now manufacture 2 different top quality cartridge needles which we are selling over 10000 boxes each month to wholesalers. Our own brand is “OPPSITE”, we call it “O” cartridge for short, We also accept the big orders in different color and OEM packs.
Microblading Cosmetic Tattoo Needles
We make the Microblading Cosmetic Tattoo Needles for above 10 years, start from a famous USA Cosmetic Beauty customer, till now, we have above about 20 different styles for microblading. Mostly ordered by the customers, we accept the draw designs of the needles, we can make all kinds of shapes and needles combinations as the customers designed.
Scalp Micropigmentation Needles
This is the new territory of tattoo, for help people who lose hair alopecic looks more furry, This needle is derived varieties from traditional tattoo needles, and now we can do it use the cartridge machines, it make more easy to handle.
Cartridge Tattoo Machines
As we have lots of customers buying our cartridge needles, they want a perfect fit machine for our needles too, this is the one we pick out from the China market, the best quality machine in the China market. Steady working and less heat.Curved Magnum Soft Edght Shader Tattoo Needles Cartridge factory