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 #39217  por ttaa029
 01 Jul 2019 07:09
Item name:woven lanyard.
Logo:one colour woven.
Attachment:plastic buckle+mobile attachment+safety breakaway+Oval hook.
Quantity:No MOQ
Package:each one in poly bag.
Lead time:5 days for sample,10 days for mass production,3-4 days for shipping by air.
Safety strap:
Lanyards are also often attached to dead man's switches or "kill switches" on dangerous machinery, such as large industrial cutting or slicing machines; on vehicles, such as jet-skis or trains; and on exercise treadmills, so that if the operator suddenly becomes incapacitated, their fall will pull on the lanyard attached to their wrist, which will then pull the switch to immediately stop the machine or vehicle.
Some law enforcement officers and members of the military utilize specialized lanyards to keep sidearms from falling to the ground during missions.
Many ID card lanyards have a built-in feature known as a "breakaway" closure. Breakaway lanyards release when pulled or when pressure is applied. This prevents choking or hanging. Lanyards with a breakaway feature are most often used in hospitals and healthcare clinics, schools, nursing homes, child care facilities, or factories that require employees to operate machinery.Polyester Lanyard suppliers