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 19 Oct 2020 02:30
HSS-125D-1 Manual Open Ink Tray Single Color Pad Printing Machine

Machine Introduction:
Single color open ink tray pad printing machine is one of the series pad printing machines developed by our company according to the market demand, which can only print one color.
This single color pad printing machine is suitable for single color small image printing, widely applied in many industries including plastic, gift, stationery, toys, electronic, electrical appliances, etc.

Machine Features:
Microprocessor control, clean ink scraping, low noise, simple operation, stable performance;
Independent adjustment of up and down, forward and rear stroke.

Machine Specifications:
Model No.: HSS-125D-1
Drive: Pneumatic
Ink System: Open Tray
Plate Size: 100脳100 mm
Max Print Size: 80x80 mm
Max Printing Speed: 2600pcs/hr
Air Requirement: 5-6 bar
Machine Dimension: 680脳460脳1310 mm
Weight: 70 KG
Voltage: 110V/220V/230V 60/50Hz

Machine Shipping:
1. Nearby areas can be installed and debugged door-to-door.
2. If express delivery or designated delivery is required, please contact the factory.
3. Damage in transit: If there is a slight damage in transportation, the factory promises to help replace the damaged parts unconditionally. If there is a huge damage in transportation, please contact the factory to tell the reason and reject the product.
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